New York 6/17/15

The North American Sauna Society is a non-profit trade organization that works as a trusted third party for the sauna industry. NASS promotes traditional sauna bathing and educates the public of the differences of the products that are sold under the generic name sauna.
The North American Sauna Society (NASS) at its annual meeting in May appointed Norm Coburn the President of New England Spas as the new dealer representative on the board of directors.
Norm Coburn graduated Babson College,  (Wellesley Ma.) 1978 with B.S. in Management/Organizational Behavior.
Company ownership experience at Cambridge Alternative Power Co. (1982-1986)—an in home solar sales group, with a brick and mortar retail store providing high end energy-related home improvement products.
 Acquired New England Hot Tubs in 1985. Sold Helo saunas from the beginning, along with wood hot tubs, in ground shells, and customized equipment packages (including a solar package).  Grew the company to 4 retail locations and over $10 Million in revenues.
Currently a part of the following groups:
A.P.S.P. Member
Aqua 100 Hall of Fame
Spa Retailers of Excellence- and member of retail panel Spa Retailer Magazine
B.B.B. A++ Accreditation
Says Coburn: “
I have always been driven to increase sauna sales for my company.  While it boasts similar health and wellness benefits as our hot tubs, they are by and large service-free products, which contribute to happy customers and profits.
We have obtained endorsement from a leading HMO in our region for both hot tub and sauna products, and offer a $300 discount to their members for either product purchase.”
Currently New England Spas is celebrating a 30th anniversary in the spa/sauna business.
Other Board member changes include:
Rick Watson, a devoted sauna enthusiast is the end-user representative and Keith Raisanen with TyloHelo is the manufacturer representative. Ms. Silve Parviainen is the exofficio member representing the Consulate of Finland.
Eero Kilpi as the president of the organization and Kalevi Ruuska as the vice president continue to serve as officers for the pro-bono society. At the same meeting Nils Shenholm, CEO of Solhem saunas in Vermont and Jon Harbison, management consultant, the former end-user representative stepped down to become emeritus board members.

More information:
Eero Kilpi, 914-500 8541